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A walk around Kaş

On the way from my village down to Kaş one noteworthy sight is Reşit’s house with it’s wooden superstructure looking like it would be more at home in the Far East.

We are starting at the western end of the town, here is the lagoon side of the Çukurbağ yarımadası (Çukurbağ peninsula) looking west towards Kalkan. Work has been started on the new marina and a new road by-passing Kaş so that the big lorries won’t have to navigate the congested road junction by the Migros supermarket.

Turning ninety degrees right from the previous picture here is the road by the market place. Friday is market day and you can see it is in full swing. ‘Apartment City’ behind it has grown amazingly in the last couple of years. There was only one block standing when I came here.

Now turning due south and walking over the hill we come to the amphitheatre. In the distance you can see the Greek island of Meis (or Kastellorizo as they call it) The amphitheatre has suffered due to earthquakes but entertainment is still offered during the summer evenings.

Now going over to the middle of the town we dive into the main square where, as usual, there is a statue of Ataturk. This square is really a triangle and has just been resurfaced with shiny dark grey stone slabs. It was a very controversial act by the last Belediye Başkanı who did not get returned to office in the recent elections.

Most of the tea gardens are here, the Noel Baba tea gardens being one of the favourites. In winter when the rain stops and the sun comes out it is buzzing with ex-pats glad to get away from the TV and see other people to catch up on the latest gossip.

Still in the main square. It’s where the cafe society of the young wealthy turk tourist is most evident. On summer evenings it is alive with music and people out to be seen in their finery.

The most famous shopping street is Uzun Çarşı (Long market) known to a lot of people as Slippery Stone Street because the wear of millions of feet has polished the stone paving to such a degree that it was like a giant slide. A lot of people have slipped and fallen down here, yours truly included. It has recently been attacked with a chisel and now is more grippy.

Having made it to the bottom without falling over this time I heard a lot of shouting behind me and Mustafa the Camci (pronounced Jamji, it means glazier) came tearing down on his scooter. One of my best friends from Kaş, he put the glass in my house windows and I used to sit with him on the step of his shop practising my Turkish while watching the world go by.

Nearby is a little square with a few restaurants and leading away from that is this little lane at the side of a carpet shop. No hard sell here, most things are relaxed in Kaş.

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