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I first met Selahaatin when the foundations of my new house were being laid. He was one of the labourers and he has become a good friend. In the summer months he work for the Forestry Fire Service who do a good job here.


We have been waiting for some time now for Selahaatin and Necmir’s cow to have a calf. Not because we want one but because the cow is our main source of fresh milk and of course it has been dry while pregnant. Selahaatin told me a few days ago that the calf had been born and this morning he brought me some milk. They use an empty five-litre olive oil container to store and deliver it in and Necmir usually heats it to pasteurise it but just to be sure we do it too. When I first started getting local fresh milk I didn’t have a thermometer and had to bring it up to boiling point but of course that made it taste funny too, so now we have the dairy thermometer and do it properly.


Early yesterday morning I took Jenny and Simon to Dalaman airport. Simon was going back after a week’s holiday and Jenny went for a couple of weeks and to renew her visitor’s visa. She is going to bring back some toys for the dogs and a couple ‘anti-barking’ collars which we desperately need for them. She’ll bring a couple of toys for me too, a new digital camera being one of them.

Talking of dogs, this morning Wilf was intent on ripping his bed to get at the stuffing inside.


 I don’t know what the attraction is but both of them like to tear a hole in the cover and empty the contents onto the floor. Maybe it is innate behaviour to do with the way they would eat an animal in the wild, whatever it is I’ll be glad when they give up and just sleep on them. Alf has hurt his front left leg and limps a bit at the moment.


I think the problem is located in the section that would be the wrist in a human. I got the ice bag out of the freezer this morning and sat with him for a half an hour holding it on for him. Then I gave it a gentle massage for about fifteen minutes and he closed his eyes and dozed off while I was doing it so he must have been happy about it.

I’m preparing to do a bit of wall building tomorrow and then go and collect some more stone to finish it off with

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