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The last two weeks have seen me steadily reducing the pile of flat stone as I pave what will become the courtyard. It is very heavy work and I am seriously tired at the end of each day. I would like to say that I am going to bed early to compensate but usually I fall asleep on the settee and wake up between 1 and 2am with the TV going and a massive crick in my neck. However the job is getting done and that’s the main thing. Some of the pieces of stone are shaped quite like Africa, and one or two seem nearly as heavy. A few must be 70 or 80 Kg and I’ve had to use a barrow to move them because they are just too heavy for me to lift. Surprisingly the paved area seems to be turning out quite flat, which is not what I expected as I learned all my paving skills at the Higgledy Piggledy School of Paving! I was going to take some photographs so that I could show a day by day progression or even make an animation but I’m just so tired by the time I finish all I want to do is sit down and put my feet up. So in a few days I will post a picture showing the end result and I might include a ‘before’ view if I can find one on my hard drive.

First thing this morning I did about an hour and a half laying stone and then came in to make my breakfast. I had left my mobile phone on the arm of my chair on the veranda and when I went out with my breakfast it was gone. Minnie Miner was lying on the garden giving it a good chewing! So that’s another phone lost to the dogs. That’s three phones now and two pairs of spectacles, countless shoes, the arm of a settee and most of the watering system that we had on the little front garden! Anybody would think they were underfed.

I’m going to Suleyman’s tonight for some Gozleme so at least I don’t have to think about cooking something for my dinner.

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Birthday aeroplane

I mentioned in a previous blog that a light aeroplane had landed nearby. Well I got a phone call from Suleyman this evening to say ‘come to my house and bring your camera, I’ve got an aeroplane!’ I went and he did have, not his of course but the one I wrote about. It seems they had dismantled it a bit, removed the wings and tailplane, and Suleyman had towed it with his tractor while the other bits were put on a small truck. It will stay at Suleyman’s until a suitable truck can be hired to take it back to it’s owner.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted the change of age on my profile page. It was my 60th birthday on Saturday and I had a little party. Here are some photos from the day.

1. There’s nothing left for you Ken!

2. Wilf joins in and drinks my beer. He suffered for it on Sunday.

3. Julia waves in a helicopter!

4. George gets chatted up.

5. Ann shows off her broken wrist, David shows his best side, John and Paul on politics.

6. Where did you learn that song??

Everybody had a good time, including me. I might do it again next year.

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