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I’m back in concrete making mode again. A load of flat stone paving was delivered and unloaded by yours truly and helpers (see previous posts) but before it can be laid a retaining wall needs to be built around the area to contain it and stop car traffic from loosening it and ruining a lot of hard work. If the work is done before the sun comes up in the morning it isn’t too hot and is fairly easy to do. The wall is only about six inches high so it progresses quite quickly.

I had a bout of sunstroke/heat exhaustion last week which made me slow down for a few days. Not a pleasant experience at all.

The tortoises stay in their shady little burrows among the bushes during the day now so we don’t see many of them around the garden these days. The direct sunlight is too hot for them I expect.

Some friends who have a house here drove out from UK a couple of weeks ago and brought my guitar with them so I now have permanently sore fingers on my left hand from practising. It’s good fun though and I’m working on Johnny B Goode, Air on a G String, and Jigsaw Puzzle Blues at the moment.

The electricity keeps going off in the mornings these days. I don’t know what the reason for it is but it’s usually when I want to make my breakfast and I can’t use the toaster and have to boil water on the gas hob instead of in the electric kettle. Still plenty of people are worse off so I’ll keep smiling. 

The dogs were getting out of the fenced porch area so easily and the wire fence was looking so tatty that I decided to take it down and let them roam freely around the garden. They are all the better for it and seem calmer with people visiting and don’t bark so much so maybe I should have done it sooner, I don’t know. Wilf and Alf are 18 months old now (born on 21st December you know) and they are starting to act in a more adult way, especially Wilf. They still bark when people walk past on the road though. The little new dog I’ve decided to call Minnie. She shows no sign of wanting to leave so I guess I’ll have to see about getting her speyed before long, that will mean a trip to Fethiye and it will be pretty warm but it’s got to be done, I don’t want a litter of puppies to look after as well!

That’s all for now, hope you are happy and well whoever and wherever you are.

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On the way back from our morning walk the dogs and I met a little mongrel bitch who followed us back. When we arrived back at our gate she carried on down the road and I thought she must be on her way back to where she lived. Anyway I just thought it was an interesting little experience for my dogs and thought no more about it. Well after I had fed them (and Stanley the cat) I made myself a coffee and sat on the veranda to enjoy the morning. Who should come trotting up the drive looking very pleased with herself but the little bitch. Her tongue was hanging out so I gave her a bowl of water which she finished off at once and then came and sat next to me. I then gave her a bowl of food which she also polished off.

So far I haven’t put a lead on her and I left her out last night expecting that she would not be here in the morning but here she most definitely was. She followed us on our walk, she was so close behind me that I could feel her whiskers on the back of my legs. She is too small to keep out of the garden and I am not going to take her somewhere in the car and dump her so it looks like we have another dog. I’ll leave her free then she can go anytime she likes but it doesn’t look much like she will. Of course Wilf and Alf are besotted with her, she is tiny compared to them and there has only been a little growling when they get too boisterous with her. Here is a picture of her lying underneath the bench I made for the boys.

It looks like she has had at least one litter of puppies. She is a lovely little thing and I’ll be glad if she stays.

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Yesterday some friends and I walked up to the top of the hill above Cukurbag. The part we went to is the very highest bit you can see in the picture.

It is called Phellos and there are some very interesting ruins of an ancient Lycian occupation which began sometimes around the 6th century B.C. A number of tombs from a later date are scattered around and these sarcophagi are cut and carved from the local stone and some of them are made to look like houses of the period. Some parts of the stone are being eroded but there are other parts that still look as sharp and new as the day they were carved. Even in the hot sun these rock tombs are cool inside and Wilf enjoyed cooling down inside one of them

It was a long walk and we all got very hot and tired so when we returned to the village we called into Cafe Dede and had a couple of cold beers which really hit the spot.

We set off at 8.00am and got back home at about 2.30pm so it was a good walk. Wilf and Alf were really tired and I didn’t hear a peep out of them all evening but they were still ready for our walk this morning.

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