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Merry Christmas

To anybody that reads this, especially if you read it regularly, MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.

I am spending Christmas at home here in Turkey and Jenny is in UK having some medical treatment for a serious condition that we discovered a couple of weeks ago. Not the nicest of ways for us to spend Christmas but she has to be in UK and I have to look after the animals here. Hopefully she will be back in February.

I’ve been doing more work on the wall at the end of the house and also the drive entrance. It’s slow going but Ramazan helps, I’d like it if he were here a little more often and was a bit more reliable but I’m not paying him much so I can’t expect too much I suppose. He didn’t turn up today so I just brought one load of soil from the entrance and put it in the little garden.

Wow! I’ve just noticed that the number of views of my blog has rocketed to 1599! I don’t know who has been looking but thank you for taking the time and I hope you weren’t too bored with it.

Alf’s legs appear to be perfectly ok now, he is walking and running without a hint of a limp so I’m well pleased with that. Wilf is fine and both of them have recovered nicely from their neutering operations and seem to have healed up nicely. Stan is fine too since he had his worming pill, I’ll have to give him another one soon.

I was trying to take some photographs of the moon early this morning but they came out over-exposed so I’ll try again tonight and tomorrow morning. I really want to take a good one of it when it sets over Meis island again, sometime next year it will be, October I think. Another one I want is with it next to Orion which I should be able to get tonight if I’m lucky.

I’m missing mince pies with brandy butter, pork pies and bacon this year for some reason, never missed them before. Jenny gave me a nice cake recipe so I’ll make that this afternoon seeing as Ramazan hasn’t turned up today.

Well that’s all for now, once again have a Happy Christmas and I’ll get another instalment up here soon with some more photographs.

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