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Computer, oranges and cake.

If you want a headache get a computer! Well that’s the sort of thing they used to say anyway. I’ve been having a problem with my laptop for the last eighteen months or so, maybe longer. The socket for inserting the mains cable had become loose on the motherboard and quite often it would stop powering the computer. That would have been ok if all I’d had to do was wiggle it and make the connection again but it didn’t like that. I had to switch it off then back on again (the computer engineer’s solution to a lot of problems) and only then would it charge the battery and power the computer. Because it’s an old computer now the battery won’t last more than one minute on the battery power so if I have to save something it had better be done quickly before it dies. I have lost work occasionally and I’ve had to interrupt Skype conversations too so it is a bit annoying. Well I got fed up enough last week that I took it apart and fixed it. There are instructions on the web that tell you how to do it so I wasn’t flying blind but it was a bit of a tense time because my computer is my link to the outside world and I didn’t want to have to go and buy a new one. So one day I set up a workspace on my dining table, assembled all my tools for the job and dived in. Here are some pictures of the bits, this shows how far I had to dismantle it.

Bits 2

Here is another one showing the computer screen with a picture of the bits on it. This proves that it worked after I finished the job, just for you doubters out there.

Bits on screen

Actually the little lights on the front of the laptop didn’t work when I put it together first, I had to take it apart again and fix that, it seems I didn’t push one of the connectors fully home, oops!

I was delighted recently to see that one of my cittrus trees had borne fruit. Citrus have a hard time growing up here because it is cold enough for a bit of a frost sometimes in the March nights and they don’t like that at all. They will grow well in a spot shaded from the wind though and of course you could wrap them up too. I picked one of them to taste, these are mandarins and it tasted beautiful so I picked them all before anything else decided to try them and I now only have two left.


Sometimes you see things that just make you laugh out loud before you can stop yourself. In one of the shops in Kaş the other day I had one of those moments. Wandering round the end of an aisle I spotted a display of cakes and this particular one caught my eye. A few people loked at me as if I was mad, well I am but they don’t know that, and anyway mad people find things to laugh at too. I bought a packet just to photograph them.


Hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year, especially the friends I had at West Dean.

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