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Gerry and the grape thief

Up on the wall in my kitchen I have often seen a little movement out of the corner of my eye but I’ve never been quick enough to catch what it is. Some would say I’m not quick enough to catch a cold, so it’s not surprising really. Well this evening I was sitting outside on the veranda watching the colours of the sunset and I fancied a beer. So I came in to get one and Stanley the cat was on the kitchen worktop looking at the roof and mewing at me. I had a look where he was looking and saw the latest addition to my menagerie, Gerry the Gekko. He’s a dear little thing, there are one or two more of them in the house and they do a good job catching the flies and any other insects that happen to be around. By the look of his tail he’s been a bit too close to Stanley, it looks as though he’s grown a new bit of tail. I’m very pleased to have him as a guest and I hope he can find enough food.

I caught a grape thief red handed the other day too. He and a few of his mates have been coming to my vines quite often.

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