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Cute Baby Hedgehog

This is a completely gratuitous picture of one of the cutest hedgehogs I’ve ever seen and that is the only reason it is here. A very dear friend of mine in Hungary sent it to me, she feeds it with tinned cat food and it waits on her back step for it’s dinner every evening. I think this time it looks as though it’s tucking into some leftovers, unless the cat food manufacturers have started putting peppers and beans in the food!

Meet Hedgie

Is he/she cute or what? Don’t you just want to cuddle him??

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Forest fire!

The smell of smoke gets my attention pretty quickly, well living in a wooden house it would, wouldn’t it?

I was sitting in the shade on the porch with the dogs and had just got 11 across on a crossword I was doing (Clue: The awe inspiring restraining the flighty. Answer: Feathered.) when I noticed that I had been sunconsciously sniffing the air. There was no trace of burning in the house so I looked further afield and spotted a large billow of smoke rising from behind the mountain on the other side of the valley. The smoke was coming my way.

Forest fires are a pretty common problem here in the summer, most of them get seen and put out quite quickly, for which we are very thankful. Some, however, rage on for days and destroy large areas of vegetation and all the animals within. Turkey has a pretty effective Forestry Fire Service and in a TV program a few months ago they showed the technology for spotting and monitoring the fires, the systems they have for managing the fire fighting effort and the fire crews and their equipment.

So when I heard the straining engines of a propellor driven aeroplane that sounded like it was going pass close by I raced for my camera. I was just in time to fire off some shots as one of the water bombers clawed it’s way past trying to gain height just after scooping up a full load of sea water.


We see these aeroplanes a few times during the summer now, they are quite recent purchases by the Turkish government I think and they must be effective because the fire was extinguished very quickly. A fact that I was pleased about.

We had an earthquake a couple of days ago! the epicentre was quite close to Kas and the magnitude was 4.5. I was sitting on the veranda enjoying the evening at about 8.30 and suddenly it all moved. The dogs barked like mad and some of the water in the pool slopped over the side. When you think how many millions upon millions of tons of the earth are moved it kind of puts your life into perspective a bit.

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