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The water tank was eventually emptied on Monday so I went down and cleaned it out. It’s like being in a dungeon down there, very dark but surprisingly after an hour or so you can see quite clearly. I ache a lot after having done it but I’m pleased that it’s clean now. Turned the water back on and now have about 13 tonnes already, good pressure at the moment.

Wilf continued in his naughty ways and chewed my mobile phone to bits yesterday. I eventually found all the bits and tried to put it together again. It switched it on but won’t pick up a signal. I want to get the new numbers stored in the memory that weren’t on my old phone then it can go in the bin. Wilf will get over the need to chew things in time, I just wish he would hurry up.

We went down to Jenny’s house and did a bit more yesterday. If we were able to spend all day there it would get done a lot quicker but we can’t leave the dogs that long.

Jenny has nearly finished a sweater that she is knitting for me to keep me warm in the winter. Only got to stich the parts together now I think, I’ll post a pic of me wearing it then.

Alf seems to be limping a bit on one of his back legs but he doesn’t like me having a look. I haven’t been able to find anything sticking in his foot, he might just have knocked it during one of his rough-and-tumbles with Wilf.

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Went to the market in Kas on Friday morning as usual and saw a few friends whilst there. I saw Selahaatin (the guy I employed to help with some concreting once) and asked if there was anything big he was buying that he wanted me drop off for his wife at their house in Pinarbasi. Selahaatin works for the Forestry Fire Service in the Summer, they are on duty 24 hours a day and he only gets home one day in fourteen. There were some things to take so I told him to drop them in the back of the car and I’d drop them off when we went back up to the village.

Well while I was getting the stuff out of the car at his house their neighbour from across the road came shouting about a ‘Yilan’. In Turkish ‘Yilan’ means snake so I asked where it was and what they were doing about it. It was in a storeoom of their house and had been roaming about. Just then Selahaatin’s wife Nejmir and their daughter Jancel came out of their house and a great commotion ensued, the upshot of which was that Jancel ran back into the house and came out struggling with a shotgun that was longer than she is tall. Somewhat alarmed by the fact that the muzzle was waving around all over the place, including at me I relieved her of it and opened it to see that it wasn’t loaded.

I must have looked as though I knew what I was doing with it and was promptly delegated to go and shoot the snake. Nejmir went off to get a couple of cartridges and I had a bit better look at the gun. It has seen better days and had a brown covering of rust but seemed to open and close and fire properly. I knew that Selahaatin had used it fairly recently so when Nejmir brought the cartridges I thought I’d give it a go. The cartridges were of the type that had a colourles plastic translucent body so the shot can be seen. Looking closely I could see that these things would be for large wild boar at least, a bit too much for a snake but there were no others. So off I went and looked in the store, there was indeed a snake, a big black one a little over a metre in length. Not knowing if it was venomous I was a little nervous as I was wearing shorts and flip-flops so I didn’t want to get too close. The snake poked it’s head out from behind a flour sack and BANG that was the end of it, but it didn’t stop twitching for a couple of minutes. I picked it up with a stick and threw it outside. Everyone was well pleased at the result. Later I had a look for that type of snake on the internet and was a little sad when I discovered that it probably wasn’t dangerous to humans or poisonous, and that it ate small rodents and eggs. I’m pretty sure it was a type of Black Rat Snake.

On Saturday we went down to Jenny’s house and started harvesting the almonds. There are lots of them this year and harvesting can be a painful process. Sheets are spread out under the tree and a long pole is used to rattle the thinner, almond bearing, branches whereupon a rain of almonds descends. From the lower branches it is fairly harmless but the descent from the higher branches gives the almonds a fair turn of speed and when they crack onto your skull they really hurt, especially if it’s the pointed end that hits you first. Next time I will make sure I wear a hat. We got about 15 kilos which represented about a quarter of one tree’s almonds so have to go back a few times next week because there are quite a few trees.

This morning Wilf was being naughty, he nicked a pair of my underpants off the drying rack and the two dogs then went charging off around the garden with them (that is the third time for these pants, they’ll be worn out from washing before I can wear them again by the look of it). Then a bit later he grabbed a cushion, one of the nice red ones made from an old kilim, and again they both went off round the garden. It wasn’t damaged though and only needs washing.

I’m off to Dalaman later to take Rob and Sam back to the airport.

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The Good Ship Gekko

It seems ages since I posted the last update so apologies for that. I promise to do better.

We went down to Kas last night and had a meal with Rob and Samantha who are having a weeks holiday in Kas at the moment and are enjoying themselves. Then we all went round to the Hi Jazz bar and had a drink and chat with Yilmaz. He has bought himself a sailing boat! It will be a lot of fun for him and as soon as he has made some little repairs we will go for a sail. It has an outboard motor too. Here’s a picture of Kaptan Yilmaz aboard the good ship Gekko

Jenny and I went to a wedding feast last Saturday. Hasan from Ortakoy (middle of the village) was getting married to Arife from Demre (about 40km away by the seaside). I took some picture with my film camera so when they are developed I’ll post a couple of them here.

The water depot is nearly empty now (see previous post for full story) so I’ll be able to clean it out soon. Talking of water the long awaited New Water Pipe bringing water from Gömbe is being put in. The guys doing the work come past in their truck every morning with another 10 or so pipes to put in. The pipe will come down our road (on the other side) so it will be noisy for a bit while the diggers dig the trench but at least we won’t have our gates and entrances dug up. They are only about half a mile away at the moment.

Lale and her daughter Dahlya came last weekend and Jenny helped them to cut out and make some Shalvar for each of them. Shalvar are the baggy trousers worn by the village women, they are very comfortable and if cut correctly can be quite attractive. The village women cut them so that they can get two pairs of long johns underneath though so they aren’t so flattering!

I’ve been doing a bit more wall building this week and am getting close to finishing the bit by the drive. I’ll add a photo here a bit later too.

These blogs have now spilled over to two pages so to see the older ones you have to click on the ‘older’ link on the left side of the page.

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World Superbikes, Brands Hatch.

What a result for Toseland on Sunday! Two good races and plenty of action and Kenan Sofuoglu (pronounced SOFU OLU) wins the world championship for Supersports bikes too. Fantastic, no wonder F1 is losing viewers.

The weather changed overnight and we woke up yesterday morning and put a blanket on the bed. Cold, well down a good 10ºC from the day before. It was associated with a low pressure area over Greece and the Balkans which has now moved away northwards so slowly getting warmer again now. Still it was cool enough for me to prepare for some more wall building tomorrow morning before breakfast.

About a fortnight ago I heard a little noise from the water depot lid and had a look under it. A little rat ran off but there was another one floating in the water, dead. Fished it out and threw it away so we are now on bottle water for our consumption and the garden is getting the best watering of it’s life. 45 tonne depot though (45000 Litres) so we’re not going to use all that overnight. It’s taken a couple of weeks to get it half empty.

I bought a digital camera the other day, a Canon EOS350D from a guy in Scotland. Quite a good camera that I will be able to use the lenses from my EOS50E with and vice versa. I was quite happy with my 4mp Fuji until I found out how much better the DSLRs are now. The storage capacity of the cards is amazing too, I can only get 3 Hi Resolution pictures on the Fuji card but should get a couple of hundred at least on the 350. The only trouble is I can’t have it sent here so I’ll have to wait until Jenny brings it back with her in October. It will exercise my patience gene though.

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Online again, Yippeee!

Good old Ibrahim at the computer shop in Kas, got me a new charger which puts out not only the correct voltage but the correct current too. The last one I had was down on power and couldn’t really cope properly it used to get very hot. I’ve read the instructions with this new one and it says not to use it in temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade! Well considering the weather hasn’t dropped below 30 for the past 6 weeks that could be the reason for the other one to give up the ghost. I’ll have to try and fix up a method of cooling the new one, plastic bag and bucket of iced water?? 

Talking about the weather it is a lot cooler today, only 34 at lunchtime and quite a bit of low cloud has come up from Kas. Probably sea fog that rolls in and rushes up the hill to spill into our valley.

Alf the dog has been licking a toe on his right back foot for a few days now. Haven’t been able to see anything until lunchtime today when I thought it looked like he had a mozzy bite or two.

Well I shaved the hair off and he has a number of little lumps that look like bites or stings so we sprayed it with green antiseptic and we’ll see what happens now.

Jenny continued with repairing the chair today and it is now ready for some paint. It seems very sturdy now so when the pair have been done they should fit in well with the restored bench down at her cottage.

We’ve had power cuts nearly everyday for a couple of weeks. The daytime ones aren’t much of a problem but they are annoying in the evening because the electricity has gone off at about 8.30 and not come back on till 10.30. There have been problems all over the area, mainly due to everyone turning their air conditioning units on. The system just can’t cope with the demand. A lot of the time the voltage is down and it was so low the other day I couldn’t get any money from the cash machine outside my bank. Lots of people were in the same boat and there was a big unhappy crowd there. Being a Monday of course a lot of people had come down from the villages too so there was a lot of moaning. I checked the voltage when I got home, it was down to 160v.

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