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Been working on the new veranda roof this week. Here’s how it looks at the moment.

Veranda roof 2

It’s a lot sturdier that the previous version but then that only had to hold flimsy bamboo canes and they were taken down in winter. This one will have a two layer covering, tongue and groove with OSB on top of that then waterproofing sheet and shingles the same as the rest of the roof. It is about half a metre higher at the front edge than the old one so will not make the living room so dark in winter.
I also had a bit of a bargain in the market last Friday and got two big kilims (4 metres x 2 metres) for a very good price.


The bargain came in when the guy selling them gave me two used ones (but in good condition) for nothing! To say I was pleased is an understatement. They will go nicely on the new improved veranda.

F1 and WSB today, picking Simon and Emma up from Dalaman tomorrow.

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Roy’s eye

Well a major development with Roy’s suspected eye injury yesterday. I had a good look at it and saw a couple of what looked like thick hairs disappearing under his top eyelid. Got some blunt ended tweezers and pulled the first one out. It slid out easily so got hold of the second one then saw a big yellowish lump come into sight from further up behind the lid. Kept pulling gently, Roy was still purring and sitting still at this point then a whole barley seed came out. It was enormous and must have been really uncomfortable for him. How it got in there is a mystery to us. Luckily it doesn’t seem to have done any damage to his eye or socket, not that I can see anyway and he is a lot happier with it now. He still has the wound on his left front paw that I try to keep clean but it has gone sceptic a couple of times. I clean it up and put antiseptic on it but he won’t stay in the house and keeps licking the antiseptic off so it is taking a long time to heal properly. It doesn’t stop him catching mice though.

Quite a bit of gardening work going on. I rigged up a long hose to water the fruit trees down at the bottom of the garden. They are only small and don’t have sufficient root depth to survive the summer without watering yet. There are some peaches coming on a couple of them too, yippee! I did a bit more wall building yesterday, this morning got some sand ready to make concrete and arranged the shuttering to put the concrete into. I’m adding another section of the drive. After that I put up a frame for one of the vines to grow up.

I’m going to borrow a friend’s trail bike to get some photos of the village from a place inaccessible to cars and I don’t feel like walking there. Might go over and get it this afternoon after the concreting.

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Concrete and Roy

Been making some concrete bases for the load bearing uprights which will hold up the veranda roof this week. Only one to finish. The wood will be delivered on Monday and I want to get it erected and covered with roofing felt quickly so that the sun doesn’t warp the wood too much. No seasoned wood available here so you have to have it delivered at the last moment and nail it down quick before it is ruined.

Roy has an injury near his left eye, think he has probably been fighting. He can’t be much good as a fighter, probably because he is too soft and good natured, he often comes home with something wrong. Mind you he was fat this morning so has had at least two mice or maybe a rat.

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Me? Retired to the country.

You can’t beat it with a big stick!

6am 7th May

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