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Computer dead!

Horror of horrors my computer charger packed up last week and now I am having to use one in a local internet cafe in Kas. This is a real pain but I can live with it I suppose, after all I have only had my broadband connection about 4 months. Amazing how quickly you get used to depending on things. I’ve got a new one on order. This will only be a short addition, hopefully I will have a new charger very soon.

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We were up early and went down to Jenny’s cottage to get a little job done this morning. We fitted a new outlet pipe to the cooker hood, it disappears into the ceiling in the kitchen and comes out through the soffit under the back of the roof. Not a big job but one that has been nagging at us for a while. Now there is just a bit of cleaning and re-arranging to do and it will be ready to rent out.

When we came back Jenny continued renovating one of two chairs that we bought a while ago.

They are also for her cottage, this one had to be taken completely to bits because it was in a pretty bad way but the other will just need some glue and screws I think. We already got new cushions made for them which is just as well seeing as the dogs ripped the old ones to shreds.

Yesterday we went to one of the old stone walls at the back of the garden and brought some more rocks for the wall I’m making at the corner of the house by the drive.

I bought three more bags of cement the other day and I’ll be getting up early to do some wall building for the next few days. You can also see here how the drive is coming on, not got very far yet but that concrete is about 6″ thick in most places. Another few yards and it will split into two strips and there will be some flowers etc growing down the middle like a farm track. Only another 60 yards to go!!

Watched the GP bike racing from the German GP today, good racing but there were a few crashes and a bit of an upset in the Moto GP class when Rossi fell off and Stoner could only manage 5th because of tyre troubles.

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Party time.

Suleyman rang and invited us to dinner last night and when we got there it turned out to be a good night with quite a lot of people. Nebi, Turkan and Gunenc were there along with others on holiday from Istanbul. Semi and his wife and others who we hadn’t met before so it was very

 enjoyable. The meal was gozleme of course and really tasty tomatoes and olives with a spicy pepper sauce that had a really nice kick to it but not too much. Suleyman’s wife, Hatice, did a good job cooking it all

 but didn’t have a chance to join in the general chat which was a shame. That’s her in the middle cooking the gozleme, it is a kind of flat dough with nettle leaves, onion, cheese and parsley filling. Very nice too.

Gunenc made us all laugh, he was having fun with a pair of binoculars and seemed to like looking through the wrong end of them.

He’s a lovely little boy with lots of character.

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We haven’t been doing much in the way of major jobs recently, mainly because it is too warm to exert yourself just now. I welded some extensions onto the frame at the back and put some wire up for the vines to grow along.

Vine support

Only just in time too because the vine is growing fast. Also painted the steel pergola at the south end of the house. There is a vine and a morning glory growing up that so I’d better think about stringing some wire up on that soon too.

We repaired a bed that we bought in Kas so that Jenny’s house (Mulberry Cottage) has a bed in the second bedroom. All we have to do down there now is clean up a bit and it will be ready for occupation.

Almost forgot, I found some dirty water coming out from the foundation adjacent to the kitchen drain pipe last week. After the initial surprise I moved the sink unit and took off the wall panelling behind it to reveal the pipework. Still not much wiser about where it is coming from but there are only two ways dirty water can get in there, from the sink directly above the outlet through the wall, and from the washing machine about a metre and a half along. In the end I chopped out the existing pipes and replaced them with new ones so that I can see the connections just by opening the cupboard doors.

Jenny took Suleyman’s wife Hatice to Gokseki beach to learn to swim last Tuesday. Sounds like she enjoyed it very much. Then on Thursday Jenny went over to the Greek island of Meis to renew her visa for Turkey. The town over there is a lovely little place, quite a big harbour with houses coming right to the harbour side. The architecture is very different there due to the Italian occupation before the second world war.

Today is 7th of July ’07  (07/07/07) wonder what that means…

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