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Eski Ağustos

Over the last few days we have gone into the period the Turks call Eski Ağustos or Old August. It brings the change from the bright, hard summer light to a subtle gentler light that casts a beautiful golden hue over everything, particularly when it rises and sets. The position of my house, on the east side of the valley, means the sun comes up behind the house and I can see the sunlight hit the top of the mountain on the west side and then travel across the valley floor towards me and eventually across my garden. It is a truly beautiful time of year to sit on my veranda and have a morning cup of tea or coffee and watch the golden light bring the valley to life. I’ll take a few photographs tomorrow and show you.

The last couple of days we’ve had a lot of low cloud and it has been very humid but a lot cooler, only up to about 28 or 30ºC (80-90º F).

I’m going go down to Kas in the pick-up today for a bit of shopping and some bags of cement. It seems like it’s time to start working again now and I have lots to do. I’ll pop in to see Ibrahim in the little garden centre and see if he has any nice fruit trees, there are a couple of spaces in the garden at the back where the almonds failed.

The Empress Tree seedlings are still doing well, there are eight showing now.

I am making some Orange Wine that a friend gave me the recipe for. Never made wine before so I don’t know exactly what I’m doing or what will happen (nothing new there then!) I’m just following the instructions. The fermentation seems to be slowing down now and it has started to clear a bit so it might be ok. The wine that my friend made is really nice so I hope mine turns out to be similar.

Time for breakfast now.

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About three weeks ago I planted some seeds of the Princess Tree or Empress Tree (Paulownia Tomentosa). Wikipedia will tell you lots about it if you are interested. They are supposed to be very quick growing and provide lots of shade due to their enormous leaves. Just what I want. Well some of the seeds have now germinated and here’s a picture of them. Cute little things aren’t they?

Seven of them have come up so far, the thing in the background is a weed I think. I’m nurturing them very carefully because I don’t want them to dry out and die at this stage, it would be very easy for them to do that. I’m looking forward to being able to pot them on and I’ve picked out some nice places for them where they will give shade to an area that I’m going to put some seating in.

Had a visit from my friend David the other day and sat on the veranda with cups of tea and had a good natter. The dogs like him popping in because his motorbike sounds different and he lets them jump all over him too. He wanted a couple of tips on how to go about tarting up, sorry, enhancing his Myspace page. His writing is pretty prolific at the moment but I guess he’s got a lot of catching up to do seeing as he’s starting from before ‘The Move’.

Weather is a bit cooler and breezier today. Rain was forecast but I don’t think there’s a realistic chance of that just yet. We had a great big thunder cloud just to the north of us yesterday and heard lots of distant rumblings but nothing came this far south. Just had a look and the clouds are there again today but too far away too affect us. (Maybe … ) My weather forecasting skills have proven very hit and miss here.

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The trees in my garden are growing well this year. Obviously a couple of years establishing their root systems is paying dividends and although I still have to water some of them they are all doing well.

The Pomegranate has fruit on it (about 6 I think) although it is only a couple of feet high. Here’s a picture of one of them, they are slowly turning red.

I planted some incir (figs) at the back of the house and they are doing well, I took off the figs that grew so that they could put all their effort into growing bigger. Here are three of them.

And the photo below is of a ceviz (walnut) given to me by a friend last year. I have three altogether and this is the last to be planted.  He is a forester/woodcutter and had recently cut down a number of old walnut trees. Some of the wood he had sawn and planed and used it for his flooring in his house up at Gombe! Solid walnut flooring! That would have cost him thousands of pounds in UK. It looks beautiful.

Some friends (Rob and Samantha) from UK came out on holiday a few days ago and Rob is going to cook us a Thai Green Curry this evening. I’m looking forward to it very much, I’ll let you know how it is.

Ann, another friend in the village has joined a website called where people offer and make use of free accommodation. Her first guest is here at the moment, a Russian guy who lives in Moscow and is a singer.

The dogs are doing alright in the heat. Minnie, the little female was spayed a couple of days ago so she is being a bit less energetic than normal but still rolls around with the boys and gets into fights with them. Alf has decided that sleeping in the shower tray is good during the day.

My main job these days is watering the gardens. I installed a watering system in my garden a couple of years ago and after some repairs that is back in operation now so my garden is easy. Simon’s garden takes a bit more effort because I have to walk round it dragging the hose and it takes me about an hour in the morning and the same in the evening. I’m also looking after the watering of another couple’s garden who have gone back to UK for a couple of weeks and that takes time too so it’s pretty much a full time job really. Talking of which I’d better get off my backside and go and do something! Bye for now.

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