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Hot hot hot

We’ve had a pretty good week this week. Mustafa and Gulay invited us round for evening meal and we met Ursula and her son and daughter. They are German and have a posh house on the peninsula with a big swimming pool and a bathing platform by the sea. It was a nice evening, we ate Gulay’s gözleme which are very good.

I went down to see Yilmaz on Wednesday to take some pictures and get him started with a page on Myspace. Tunc, the guy running the bar had told him that the beer keg was empty and asked him if he could change it for them. He tried but it wasn’t empty so it squirted beer all over him and halfway up the wall etc etc. We ended up having to drink the remaining beer in the keg because the deliverymen were bringing a new keg and would have to take the old one away with them. So there was Yilmaz, Tunc, Pinar and another woman sat on his balcony drinking too much in the heat of the afternoon!

On Thursday afternoon we went to Ursula’s house and had a nice time with them. They have a black Labrador bitch called Leia who is very well behaved and amusing.

Today a warm wind has been blowing all day. There are two thermometers, one in the kitchen and one on the porch and they have both been showing over 40 degrees nearly all day.

I watched the Moto GP from Donnington Park. Good racing it was too.

On a sadder note Roy hasn’t shown up and I’m afraid we have to assume we’re not going to see him again. It’s pretty devastating for both of us and we’re not happy bunnies these days. Got to go and give the trees some water now.

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Veranda and Roy

First the good news, I got the veranda roof finished today and very pleased I am with it too. No more getting burnt in the sun while looking at the view and having a beer. I haven’t tidied up yet so there is a bit of clutter but this is what it looks like now.


Not bad eh? I’ll have the guttering up for when the rain starts but that won’t be for another four or five months yet. I’ll have some more tanks to store the water in by then and I’ll just run some flexi hose from the gutter to the tanks. No need for it to be there outside the rainy period.

Now the bad news. Roy has been gone for nearly a week now and we are very worried about him. He has never been away for so long before and we’re sure that if he could come back he would have by now. The weather is hot and dry and he won’t be able to go long without water if he is trapped somewhere. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for him.

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I went up to Gömbe last Tuesday. It is up in the mountains where a lot of the villagers here in Cukurbag have their summer houses where they grow lots of fruit. There is plenty of water there all summer and it is still beautifully sunny but cooler than down here. Took lots of photos but haven’t had the films developed yet.

Also been working on the new veranda. I got all the tongue and groove on and the OSB so I’m off to Kas this morning to get some roofing felt and shingles to finish it off with. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. The next thing will be to make railings for it.

Veranda roof

I took a friend to the airport the other day. On the way back I called in to Fethiye to order some new spectacles as Wilf has chewed up the two new pairs that I bought in Kas. Not best pleased about that but I am getting two pairs in Fethiye for the price of one in Kas!

Selahaatin phoned me at 7.30 on Sunday morning to see if I wanted a small wild Boar that he had shot. I went up on the scooter to get it. It was only a very small one so I brought it home. I skinned and butchered it a couple of hours later. Brian and Lorna over in Akbel had said that they wanted some so I gave them a call and they came over in the afternoon. Spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting and they took two legs and the loins. I boiled up the carcass, kidneys, lungs and liver for the dogs. It will be a cheap and very welcome addition to their diet but it has a strong smell when it is cooked from fresh. The last lot I cooked had been in the freezer for 3 or 4 months and didn’t make any undue smell when I cooked it so we’ll do the same again with the legs that we have.

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