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Here’s a Christmas Day photo from me and the dogs. Considering I had three dogs, only two hands, was kneeling on a sharp pebble and the camera was firing automatically I reckon it’s done a fair job.


Happy Christmas Everybody

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Well it’s a long time since I posted anything and I’ve been feeling guilty about it for couple of weeks now but it’s just been so boring here there wasn’t anything to talk about. I’ve been resting in the hope that my left elbow would recover from the strain it has had and to an extent it has, but it still needs more recovery time. Anyway I have been bored stiff with not doing anything so I finally decided to start a project that I’ve been thinking about ever since we got the dogs. I wanted them to ride in the back of the car rather than fight me for room in the cab. They love coming for a ride and it’s hard to keep them out of the car once I open a door but I could see a time when their presence in the cab would cause me to lose concentration on the road and end up in an accident. It would also keep the cab a lot cleaner and free from dog hairs, a fact that Suleyman and any Turkish hitchhikers would appreciate.
I mulled over the possibilities and decided on making a frame for the back with plastic water pipe. It is fairly rigid in short lengths, is lightweight, is easy for me to work with as I have the welding tool for it and finally it is cheap (probably the most important point). So I bought the pipe and stuck it together and here is the result.

Not bad eh? I’m quite pleased with it and it has ended up looking better than I expected. I’m going to get a waterproof cover for it which will cover up the back but for the moment I have made a board to fit over the back just to stop the dogs jumping out. I tested it out this afternoon by loading up the dogs (I just have to open the back and they pile in as fast as they can) and going up to Phellos for a walk with them. The sooner they associate it with something they like the sooner they will be happy travelling in the back I thought. Well I needn’t have worried, they loved every minute of the drive up there then we walked the mile or so to the Phellos site, had a good tramp round and found some bits I hadn’t seen before then set off to walk back to the car. They walked on ahead of me as we went back to the car, Alf spotted something in the bushes and ran in barking to see what it was. I was quite alarmed to see him come running out with his tail between his legs heading straight towards me with quite a large wild boar about 6 feet behind him. The boar passed within a yard or so of me and headed back into the bushes. More barking followed as the other two dogs chased it around and then they came back looking at me as though wondering what I was going to do about it! The answer was ‘absolutely nothing’. They then carried on ahead of me and were waiting in the back of the car when I got there. An excellent result to a project which will now keep them and me more safe when we go for a drive somewhere. It will also transform the way I exercise them because I can take them to places where there are no goats so they can run around in complete safety both for themselves and other animals. I won’t need to get up at the crack of dawn either, or before dawn sometimes, to walk them before the goats are out and about.
Another thing I’ve done while ‘resting’ is to make a little kennel for Minnie. She loves it and is always first one to go into them when we come back from the evening playtime. Here they are with Alf lying on the cushions and the other two ‘in residence’.

Peaceful scene isn’t it?
About 6 or 7 months ago the CD/DVD player in the television stopped working. Normally when I switch the TV on the DVD menu comes up first, then it stopped doing it. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it. I didn’t miss it at the time because it was warm and I was outside most of the time and didn’t sit in the house in the evening. Recently of course it has become considerably cooler and it rains as well so I’m in the house a lot more and want to listen to music. Well last week I turned it on and it started working again, no idea why but then I know nothing about electronics, I’m just glad it works.
Well that’s all for now folks, I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and may next year bring all the things that you wish for. I’ll write more next year.

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