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The weather here over the last few days has been slightly cooler, there was quite a bit of cloud and a loud rumble of thunder yesterday but no rain.  At the market on Friday I bought some lovely strawberries intending to have them as a dessert but I forgot about them and they were still in the fridge this morning. The air was fresh and after watering a few plants I thought it would be nice to have them for breakfast. They were lovely with cream!

The dogs had their breakfast then. My neighbour’s dog hadn’t appeared so he’ll have to have his bit this evening. L-R Alf, Wilf and Minnie

Sitting under the vines I paid a bit more attention to the developing grapes than I usually do and I realised just how many bunches there were. It would be nice if they become sweet table grapes but if not I’m planning to make some wine with them. There are a couple of people in the village who are expert at wine making so I’ll enlist some help I think. I don’t really know what I’m doing but I can follow instructions. The last lot of wine I tried to make is undrinkable but I might try and distill it and make some fire-water. Hee hee! Here’s a photo of the grapes:

Well that started a nice Sunday, I’m going to watch the Moto GP racing from Laguna Seca later. We’ll see what Jorge Lorenzo can do from pole but I can’t help hoping that Rossi wins. - Free myspace Profile

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