I noticed yesterday that something looked different about the Cami (that’s Mosque in Turkish). Well actually I can only see the roof of the place from my house but it was the Minaret that looked different. Looking at it through my binoculars I could see that the pointy top bit had been taken off, there was scaffolding all round it and the tower was being painted white.

It’s nice to see that it’s being looked after, it’s probably being done at the behest of the new Muhtar, a new broom and all that. Well good for him.

Talking of the Cami I had a text message on my phone from Nazim, the previous Imam who went to live up by the Black Sea. I was glad to hear from him, he and his family are very nice people. Here he is taking the bark off some poplar logs that he was taking for the roof beams of his new house.

My dogs have a new friend to play with now. A neighbour’s dog has decided that he’s not too scared anymore and comes into the garden first thing in the morning and most evenings too. He’s a very thin gun dog type of mongrel, not unlike Doris the first dog I had but a bit lighter in colours. This morning as I was taking my lot for a walk up the road he came closer than ever before and smelled my hand so he must think I’m ok now. He’s never been within fifteen feet of me before.

Oh, and a bit of good news, one of the Pawlonias that I raised from seed last year hasn’t died after all. It managed to survive the winter and is now growing well. I’m looking after it and will put it in a bigger pot if it doesn’t get big enough to plant in the garden this year.

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