Miscellaneous happenings

I’ve been busy for the last fortnight getting various things done and although I seem to have been chasing my tail a bit I do seem to have achieved a few things.

I got my car serviced. The annual roadworthiness test (arac muayene) was due on or before the 6th of March. I tried to get everything done before that but circustances conspired against me again. However the service (specifically to cover the test items) was pretty good and I gave the garage a list of things I wanted doing as well. I went to check on the car while it was in the garage and was a bit surprised to see new steering rack and new drive shafts. The exhaust had been changed, well I had asked for that but it also needed a new set of wheel bearings on the rear right, a new timing chain and a new radiator cap. I was beginning to wonder how much this would all cost but as I had saved up for it I wasn’t too worried. All the normal things had been done, oil and filter change, spark plug change, air filter etc etc. Well when it came time to pay for it all Erol only charged me 600 Lira! I was very pleasantly surprised and paid up straight away. The car now runs very well again, is less noisy and a few days later it sailed through it’s test too, so I’m a happy bunny.

The format of preparation for the test has changed a bit since I wrote about my scooter getting through it. A system has emerged that ensures that there are no more arguments about who has jumped the queue etc. There is a List! To get on the List you have to go to the Kas Sofor Odasi and put your name down with the Hatice, the secretary. If you very lucky, like I was, someone you know will happen along just as you are thinking about going there and they will say that they have three vehicles booked but you can have one of the slots! This really happened to me and I got number One slot on the Saturday. Thank you very much Deniz, you are a star! So I was at the mobile testing station at 8.00am on the appointed day and everything went like clockwork, antique clockwork admittedly but smoothly and with a system. I know I said before that I would take the car to Fethiye but I decided to give the system a chance and it paid off. It would have cost me a further 100Lira for petrol to Fethiye and back and no doubt I would have bought myself a nice lunch and done some other shopping too so I saved quite a bit. Anyway it is all legal now…….. or not actually, because there were no more spaces on the car’s paperwork so I had to have new cards applied for and I was reliably informed they would be ready on Wednesday…it is now Friday evening.

Oh, I forgot to say, I had to pay a 5 Lira fine for not having the car tested before the 6th of March!

My friend Omer down at the Pide restaurant in Agullu is directly across the road from the garage and he saw me there and waved at me to come over to his place. I was right in the middle of talking about the car at the time but I went back in the evening to have a pide for dinner and he told me he was going to give me some Paulonia trees. You may remember me planting some seeds last year and being excited about how they were growing so well, well they died over the winter. I’m going to plant some more but I accepted his offer and went back today to collect them. I only wanted 2 but he made me take 4 so I’ve had to plant them this afternoon because the weather was hot and dry and they would have dried out if I hadn’t.

When I got up this morning I found I had been punished for leaving things lying around again. The crossword book that Jenny sent out to me and that I use daily had been left where the dogs could get it (again). They had shredded another 25 pages or so while they were waiting for me to get out of bed. Of course they don’t recognise the change from wintertime to summertime. They still want to start enjoying the day and while I open an eye to see what time it is and then roll over and have another few minutes they are looking for things to do. At least it’s only the ones that I’ve done that are being shredded. Hey ho.

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