About a year ago I hung a string of peanuts from one of the beams of the roof over the veranda hoping to get some Blue Tits feeding on it. None came and I had just about forgotten it was there until a few days when I saw a bird land on it. I think it’s a Great Tit rather than a Blue Tit because it’s quite large. I got the camera out and set up the tripod over the sink to capture it through the kitchen window.

Nice little thing isn’t he/she. Don’t know how to tell the difference between males and females.

I’ve been taking the dogs for long walks up the mountain with Rob, a friend of mine, and his dog Pancho.  Here they are.

Pancho is a real high energy dog and runs about five times as far as we walk. We did about four miles a couple of days ago which doesn’t sound like much but when you add in the five hundred metre climb at the end it’s enough.

I was glad to see that Rico Daniels’ blog is back online after a hiatus in which he lost everything. He is called ‘The Salvager’ and has had a series of programs on TV in UK. Very interesting bloke.

Still haven’t got my new documents for my scooter!

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