I was just about to start cooking my dinner this evening when I heard the sound of a bell like a cow bell. I’ve been hearing it for the last couple of days. It is a much bigger sounding bell than the ones put on the goats or even the cows so I wondered what it was. Anyway I grabbed my camera and hurried off down the road and found a few of the neighbours out on the road and the centre of attention was Mustafa walking his camel around. It is a very handsome looking animal and takes part in the camel wrestling days that are wonderful to go and watch.

The camel wrestling is just pushing and shoving really although they do try to bite each other’s ankles as well. I am at a complete loss as to how you tell which one is winning though. A lot of money is wagered on the outcome and a good camel can make his owner a lot of money. They are very valuable and are worth tens of thousands of lira.

Posted November 12, 2008 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

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