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I was woken in the night by a sound I haven’t heard for about four and a half months. Rain! Well I won’t need to water the garden for a few days now. The Turkish Meteorological Website says it’s in for three days so hopefully we’ll get plenty of it. The only drawbacks are that the dogs don’t get much exercise and I have to be careful of the phone and TV connections because the lightning fries them.

I was going to post a photograph because the rain is fairly impressive but it doesn’t show up well. The sky is very dark which of course means the camera needs a longer exposure and therefore the rain disappears and everything just looks blurred because of it.

The dogs are sitting on the porch looking glum. I will have to go down to Kas tomorrow to get some new polythene sheet to weatherproof the porch again. It worked really well last year and gave them a warm dry place to live without having them inside the house. It would be nice if they could come into the house but their paws get too dirty when it is wet and it would ruin everything they touched.

Well the thunder and lightning has come quite close now so I expect the electricity will go off pretty soon. I’ll have to wait until it passes over to connect the phone line and post this so it might be sometime later. I hope this afternoon is clear because the World Superbike racing is on TV.


One hour later………

Did I say the dogs had to stay outside? Well Wilf absolutely hates the thunder. He is very scared of loud noises and sat at the door trembling so I let them in, big softie that I am. They had only been on the porch so far so their feet weren’t dirty. Wilf came and stayed next to me while I made my breakfast and then sat under my legs while I ate it. He won’t go more than a step away from me when the thunder is booming around, it’s funny because Alf doesn’t take any notice at all. They all went out again when the thunder had passed over. Surprisingly the electricity didn’t go off but the phone line that I had unplugged crackled a few times. A few minutes later Stanley the cat came in miaoing in a very ungentlemanly fashion,,,, he was not happy! He doesn’t like the rain at all. Anyway he settled down to wash himself after he’d had his breakfast.

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