Moon trees

There has been quite a dense blue haze in the air lately which is very bad for most landscape photography but it has given the moon a really nice orange colour as it gets nearer to setting. I went down to Kas early this morning in the hope of getting a good photograph of the moon setting behind the Greek island of Meis which is very close here. Unfortunately things didn’t quite go to plan but I did get a few of the moon so here is one.

It was too dark really to get a good one of the island itself, I’ll have to go down at dusk when there is still some light and then at least you’ll be able to see the silhouette and the lights.
My little trees are growing well and there are now ten of them. I didn’t count the seeds when I put them in so I don’t really know if that’s all or whether there will be some more. Anyway I replanted the bigger ones this morning so they have more room, it was getting a bit cramped in there. It won’t be many weeks before they’ll need to be repotted by the look of it. Here is the biggest one.

And here is the latest one.

Can you see it? I’m really pleased that so many have come up, I’ll be able to have my own forest!

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