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Yesterday some friends, Lesley and Julian, invited me for a day out on a Gulet from Kalkan. Just swanning around the coastline, anchoring up here and there for a bit of swimming and eating. Generally a nice chilling out day. Here’s a picture of a Turkish Gulet almost exactly the same as the one we were on.

And here’s a picture of the day trippers, Julian and Lesley are the couple nearest the camera.

We visited one little beach where the soil from the cliff at the back of the beach can be collected, mixed with sea water and the resulting glutinous gunge plastered on your body making a thick mud covering which you let dry then wash off on the swim back to the boat. It is supposed to do wonders for your skin….. hmm. One of the crew swam ashore with a bucket to make the mud in and rather than take it empty….

the ladies filled it with useful items like wine and wine glasses. Here they are on the beach with wine and mud. Looks like they were talking about shoes doesn’t it?

Julian and I stayed on board and had a nice chat but not before he had enjoyed a quick swim.

All in all it was a very nice day, made a delightful change from making concrete and I send many thanks to Julian and Lesley.

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