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I have been training a vine at the back of the house (no it doesn’t roll over and play dead yet), it will eventually grow over the open sections of the frame overhead and along the side then the car will be parked under the roofed part in the winter so we don’t get soaked trying to get in or out. It has grown this far this spring and is starting to cover overhead now so I think it will only be a couple of years before it has covered it all and is bearing lots of grapes. Of course I had to prune off the grapes this year so that it would put all it’s effort into growing. It looks like it will be a great way to give us shade in the summer yet be light in the winter when there are no leaves. There are bound to drawbacks, probably I’ll get fed up sweeping up the leaves when they fall, there might be something else too but I can’t see it being too bad.

I’m thinking that a similar set-up at the front of the house would work well too. The house faces west so in the afternoon it is pretty hot on the veranda. I made a better roof for it which is much better and I’m thinking that if we pave the little garden area and have a frame over it then we can have another nice sitting area shaded by the vine and have some plants in pots etc. Apart from the shade, plants seem to have a cooling effect that just being in shadow doesn’t achieve.  Ömer’s restaurant in Ağullu just down the road is a good example, it always feels cool in the garden there and he has lots of big vines all over the garden area. Just another job for me to do!

Posted July 18, 2008 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

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