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When we (the dogs and I) walked up the road this morning for our daily exercise I noticed that the goatherders camp was empty. They must have packed up and gone to the mountains yesterday. Perhaps it was because they’d gone that we came upon a family of wild boar browsing along the side of the road. Of course the dogs wanted to go and chase them and pulled hard on their leads. The boar all took off crashing through the undergrowth as soon as they realised we were there. The dogs had a good sniff round and then we carried on with the walk. They like going for the walk first thing in the morning and it is doing me a lot of good, I’ve lost 3 kilos in weight and my knees are back to normal too. A bit further down the road near the top of the village a squirrel burst out of the undergrowth and ran down the road in front of us. Another exciting event for the dogs!

In the garden there seem to be more tortoises than ever now! Quite a lot of much smaller ones have appeared, they look like they might be last year’s babies. The bigger female ones have been laying eggs in any bit of dry soil or sand that they can find and they even come up the car parking space and try to get into the porch area.

Some sparrows were investigating a little gap in the veranda roof a month or so ago and now I can hear the sound of the chicks crying for food when the adults come back so they must have hatched in the last couple of days. There isn’t any need to put food out for them as there are plenty of insects and seeds around at the moment but I’ve put a dish of water where they can see it.

I got a couple of little Oregano plants a couple of weeks ago from the market, and a friend gave me a couple of Basil plants so last Friday I planted them in a big pot. I’ve put them on the veranda where they are mostly in shade but get reflected sunlight and they are doing well by the look of it.

We had a thunderstorm yesterday and quite a bit of rain which made everything smell really nice and fresh. It did away with the need to water things but it put some more water into the pool balance tank which means I have to go and dry it out again and I was thinking I would be able to go and reseal it again soon! Oh well there’s no rush I suppose.

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