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Well I’ve been hit by organisational ability again today. Should’ve seen it coming really. One of my friends here was talking about getting some flat stone delivered for 95 lira per tonne. Well the lowest I had seen was 180 lira per tonne and that was last year so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered 10 tonnes. Got a phone message last night that it would be delivered today so I immediately shot off to the bank to get some of the money out of the hole in the wall, then visited Ramazan to arrange for him to work today. The total was a bit more than my daily limit on the card so at 6.30 this morning I cut the dog’s walk short and zoomed down to Kas on the scooter to get the rest so that I would be ready. Ramazan turned up this morning and we spent the morning doing some gardening while we were waiting. This afternoon we did some more gardening and then I phoned my friend only to find out the lorry was busy and the stone might be here on Wednesday or Thursday. Or it might not!

While we were doing the gardening I got hold of a clump of weeds to pull them out and recoiled in pain from a sting on my finger. It was quite severe and I thought maybe it was a scorpion or even a snake bite but it passed off after about 10 minutes so I’m not really sure what it was. Bloody smarted for a while though.

So in a fit of pique I went down to Omer’s restaurant to get a couple of beers seeing as I need to restock the fridge at the moment and I saw the result of a traffic accident that happened this afternoon. A van and a car and they were really mangled. Nobody was injured apparently, Allah was certainly on the ball for that one then because it looked very bad.

Rooting around in the undergrowth like we were today we saw just how many tortoises were hiding there, we found about twenty two! Most of them were males, on the lookout for females I suspect.

The balance tank on Simon’s swimming pool was leaking so I tried to put some more sealant on it but doesn’t seem to have worked. I’ve drained it again and dried out the floor with a mop but water is coming back in to it from the surrounding soil. I’ve got to wait until that stops now and then the sealant will work properly I hope.

I just changed the ‘Current mood’ to Happy. Any stress that may have been present has just been cleared out by Stanley the cat sitting on my lap and purring at me. Mostly life is good, well good enough for me today anyway. More soon…

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