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This week has got steadily more busy and it seems that summer is well and truly here, we’ve had three days of 30+ temperatures, a plague of crane flies (daddy long-legs to you and me) and the yellow of the broom bushes and gorse is brightening up the roadsides now.

I paid the Emlak Vergisi (the equivalent of Community Charge) on Simon’s and my house on Monday. We have to pay it on our houses because they are inside the Kaş Belediye (Council) boundary. Jenny doesn’t pay it on hers. It’s one of the major expenses of the year and cost me 89 Lira this year, that’s for both houses.

The car had to have a new exhaust emissions certificate. Kemal down in the insurance office helped me out with this and it cost 40 Lira.

I started to trim the fur on Wilf and Alf on Tuesday and they looked a bit moth eaten to start with, chunks out here and there, especially Wilf as it’s more noticeable on him. It took a few days to get them looking presentable because they treat it like a game and start play fighting with each other, and me. It will help them to be a little cooler during the hot part of the summer I hope.

There are still about half a dozen tortoises roaming around the garden but I now know where they are likely to be at the times when I take the dogs for a poo. About 6pm they are heading for their sleeping places under the bushes and move quite quickly, for a tortoise that is.

23rd of April (Wednesday) is Children’s Day and National Sovereignty Day here in Turkey. It’s a big day for everyone and I went up to the primary school in Ağullu to take some photographs of Selahaatin’s daughter Cansel. The children parade down the village main street first then stage a show consisting of various dances and sketches followed by prize giving for doing well in exams. Lots of the parents come and everyone enjoys it. My camera is quite big and and was noticed by quite a few people but instead of having a problem with me taking pictures they came to ask me to get some close ups of their kids too. I ended up with about three hundred pictures to sort through and there will probably be twenty or thirty to print for the parents, here are a couple.

Google Earth has finally updated Kas, Cukurbag and surrounding area to a half decent resolution picture. It’s not as good as it could be yet and the picture is at least three years old so you can’t see the newer houses, including mine, but it’s better than it was at least.

In the search for a way to help the dogs cool down in the heat of the summer I made a Doggy Paddling Pool. It’s just four bits of big diameter drain pipe (soil pipe) with elbows connecting it together and some polythene draped over the top, taped to the pipe and then filled with water. It works a treat and they like it too, after a bit of a shaky start. When the temperatures really start to soar I’m sure it will be very welcome for them. At least it will allow me to get on with things without having to take them over and sit with them in the cool of Simon’s house.

Got three new bags of cement now so work will continue on the drive tomorrow (Saturday) morning when the dogs and I come back from our morning walk.

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