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Saturday. It looks like summer might have come in the last few days. It has become a lot warmer, butterflies are fluttering about and the martins have returned. I might be able to get a photograph of a butterfly for you but I need a lot more practice to get one of a martin because they’re so fast. Last year I tried to get photographs of them drinking on the wing from the swimming pool but the camera I had wasn’t capable of it. I’m going to try again this year with my new camera and hopefully it will work, the camera is capable, will I be?

Another portent of better weather is the complete change in behaviour of the birds now that they are in the mating season. There are a pair of sparrows that have found a little gap in the edge of the roof where the new part over the veranda meets the overhang of the original part. They can just get into a very low space and I’ve heard them scratching about and seen them taking in bits of grass and some of the fur that comes off the dogs when I brush them. The blackbirds have become even more territorial than ever and I think the Jays are nesting in the oak tree by the house. The robins just seem to have disappeared! Perhaps they have gone somewhere cooler.

At lunchtime today a digger appeared on the slope by the bluff and started work. It has created terraces under the bluff. What will happen there I wonder, could be a number of things. When they started my bet would have been buildings of some sort but now I think it looks like it’s for planting fruiting trees, olives, almond, pomegranate or something similar. Time will tell.

Monday now. The winter clothes are being washed ironed and put away and the summer clothes are coming out now. I’m in shorts and shirt for the morning walk too. It will be ok when my knees go brown but they’re a bit pale looking yet so no picture . I started with the shorts about six weeks ago actually but the weather turned cold and wet again so put them back in the cupboard.

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