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Suleyman badgers me to go round to his house for food or tea as often as he can. I usually manage to spread my visits out to about once a fortnight but sometimes it isn’t possible. I went one evening a few days ago and had tea with them, he joked with me about the trick he played on Ayaz when we added a For Sale notice to a picture I had taken of Ayaz’s house. Suleyman took it to Ayaz’s son and he put on a different voice and rang up asking about the price. Ayaz was a bit upset as you might imagine and Suleyman was asking me if the Jandarma (village police) had been to see me about it. I said no of course, all I had done was do the photo, any wrongdoing would be on his part etc etc. It was all a big joke and Ayaz laughed in the end but I think Suleyman might have been a bit scared by how big it all got.

The villagers swear by having chickens to keep the scorpions down so it was a bit of a surprise to find this little lady halfway up Suleyman’s kitchen wall (I found out how to tell which sex they are through the internet).

He was a bit disappointed to say the least and was going to kill it but I wanted to photograph it so picked up an empty jam jar, scooped it up and put the lid on. Suleyman and Hatice were fascinated by this and were very worried that I might get stung. I kept the jar in the fridge at home on the assumption that the scorpion would stay alive if it was cold, if it was warm its metabolism might have been quick enough for it to die of starvation. It sounds good reasoning to me but could be completely wrong! According to David Attenborough they can survive short periods in freezing conditions. We also find big black ones here but this is the first one of any colour that I have seen for a couple of years now.

The weather has been pretty miserable for the last ten days or so, cloudy, cold and wet. We’ve had quite a lot of rain and looks like we will have some more so after walking the dogs this morning I got the chainsaw out and cut up some more firewood. The sun is out just now but there are lots of clouds about. The forecast is for some thunderstorms, we had one yesterday and the electricity went off for a few hours. Wilf isn’t keen on the noise of thunderstorms and I think he was trying to make the point here:

Funnily enough Alf, who is the more nervous usually, doesn’t mind thunderstorms or the chainsaw and Wilf hates both. Strange innit?

Little Stanley has pus oozing from the wound on his leg and I keep putting antiseptic on it for him. I’ll take him to the vet if it hasn’t cleared up in the next couple of days.

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