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I’ve been taking the dogs for a walk everyday for a few weeks now but I’ve just tried a different method that I’m very happy with and has produced instant results. Jenny and I talk every evening on Skype, the free internet phone service. A couple of weeks ago she told me about a TV program she’d seen where a Mexican guy called Cesar Millan (also known as The Dog Whisperer) helps dog owners to get control of unruly, savage or generally troublesome dogs. His philosophy is to establish himself as leader of the pack and not teach dogs to sit, fetch a ball, or anything like that but to just treat them like dogs. One of the important things he teaches owners is that dogs need exercise and should be taken for a good walk first thing in the morning. They should be on a short lead and be held adjacent to or slightly behind your leg so that they know you are the leader and you are leading them. It sounds a bit obvious and not new but also seemed like a good idea so I’ve been doing that. At between 6 and 6.15am I get up and take Wilf and Alf up the road towards Pinarbasi, I set a fairly fast pace and end up pretty knackered myself, we walk for about fifty minutes to an hour. As a basic way of establishing your leadership it works well and the dogs no longer pull this way or that, they point their noses the way we are going and get on with it. It’s good exercise for me too and my knees aren’t aching so much now. There is a goatherders camp by the road that we walk up and I hadn’t been past it with them because I knew that they had dogs and I was a bit worried about what might happen if they came running out. Well today I thought I would just keep going at a brisk pace and walk straight on past them and there wasn’t a problem. Alf became quite nervous and put his head down and they both pulled a bit but they’ll be better next time now that they knows it’s ok. They can’t see anything from the road and can only hear the goats bleating and the women shouting so it’s not surprising that they get a bit nervous. They can also probably smell a lot of strange things that I can’t. Once we were well past they calmed down quickly again and got on with the business of having a walk.

The sky looks pretty black this morning and we might be in for some more rain soon. One of the Coptic Gales was due on Tuesday and as they can happen a couple of days sooner or later and last for three days that’s probably what it is.

The Copts were (and still are) a Christian religious sect whose history you can read more about here Among other things they noted the existence of regularly occurring storms in the eastern Mediterranean area and named them.
P.S. Well the above was written yesterday and since then it has been raining quite a lot along with the gale we had and was still raining when I took the dogs this morning. Today one of the goatherder’s dogs came running out barking at us. Wilf immediately surged toward it and Alf ran round in circles. I overbalanced and ended up on my back with my feet in the air in the middle of the road with a dog on the end of each arm going in different directions! Bugger! I thought I ought to be able to do a bit better than this so got to my feet wondering what the best plan was. There was no chance of me carrying on up the road with the dogs pulling like they were so I took half a dozen big paces towards the goatherder’s dog and growled “Geertcha” at it in what I hoped was a menacing tone. Well it tucked it’s tail under and fled so off up the road I went with the dogs. 1-0 to us but we had to come back in about 20 minutes. Anyway the dog was nowhere to be seen when we returned so it wasn’t a problem but Alf was pulling a lot as we passed by, he doesn’t like it there very much.

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