Hole in the road, battery, Meis

Well I haven’t uploaded a blog for a while so this will be quite a long one, and lots of photos too.

Taking the dogs for a walk a couple of weeks ago I came across this hole in the middle of the road.

A drainage pipe had collapsed and this was the result. As usual with hazards in the road it was marked by a two or three rocks placed in the road on the approaches to it. Very easy to spot in darkness!! This sort of thing happens a lot at this time of year, the rainwater washes away lots of stuff, notably garden soil and driveways. During that walk I found some Irises, there were hundreds of them so next time I go that way I’ll collect a few for the garden.

About four years ago I bought a Bosch professional quality electric screwdriver which came complete with two rechargeable batteries and a charger. The batteries stopped holding a charge a couple of months ago and it was very disappointing to find that the replacements would cost over £70 each here in Turkey. I decided to modify one of them so that I could use a 12v motorcycle battery which I can buy here for only 35 Lira. I took the casing off and removed one of the cells to give room for the cable to be knotted, it will be more secure that way, then I unsoldered the existing cables and soldered the new cable in place.

I left the overheating cut-out switch in place and crossed my fingers as I tried it out. Perfect! Then I tried it in the charger, it charged fine and even automatically cuts out when the battery is fully charged. Now all I have to do is make a connector to ensure the correct polarity rather than just connecting the wires to battery.

I’ll also make a pouch for the battery to fit on a belt and then I’ll be able to carry it around with me when I’m working on something. It will probably be even more convenient than it was before because the battery won’t have to be charged/changed anywhere near as often.

My friend Selahaatin (Selo) stopped me in Kas last week and invited me on a free trip to the Greek island of Meis 20 minutes away by boat from Kas. He has a new big boat now (he calls all his boats Altug) and news had gone round about the free trip so there were about 70 people on board when we set out.

Meis is a beautiful little place and even though it is so close to Kas everything about it is completely different. We got there in time to do a bit of shopping and then have lunch.

The restaurant owner, Angelos, looks after us very well.

It was a beautifully sunny day but quite cold in the shade and windy too.

Meis has what must be one of the sweetest little Duty Free shops in the world I think. I bought a nice bottle of Hennessy cognac, a bottle of what I hope is nice red wine and a big slab of my favourite chocolate, Cadbury’s Whole Nut, yum yum!

I had a walk around and took a few photographs too. Obviously the focal point of the place is the harbour and historically the people have gained their living from the sea through fishing and trade.

Although some of the fishing boats don’t look big enough!

There is quite a bit more to it than the harbour but it wasn’t really warm enough to go walking around looking for photogenic things. Maybe I’ll go again in a couple of months when they have the place decorated for summer and there are more flowers out.

The population has suffered a lot of ups and down from various occupying nations and was evacuated during World War 2. A few people returned after the war and now more are coming back but it is hard and expensive to do any building there because of regulations and the expense of importing all the materials.

That’s all for now.

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