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Well I have just been going through some pictures and I realised that I didn’t post anything about going to Gömbe. Suleyman and I went up there in my car, he was most distressed to find some dog hairs on the seat and when I stopped for petrol he went and got a broom and swept it out but he did nothing but moan about it to everyone we met! This is on the road on the way up there:

The scenery up there is nice but you need something like snow, clouds or a sunset to show it off to it’s best advantage otherwise it just another picture of brown rocks, mountains and trees.
This one was on the way back down, a couple of the cedar trees that grow all over the hills there:

Gömbe town centre is very small but because a lot of the lower lying villages have their yaylas (mountain pasture/orchards) close by there is a large presence and the houses are very spread out. The place is really busy in summer when most people move up there with their animals and tend their fields. This is the town centre:

It looks more deserted than it really was. Most of the men were wandering around the centre chatting to each other, drinking tea and playing backgammon. There was no work for them to do in the fields at the time because there was snow everywhere and they don’t have anything else to do, it is an agricultural community and nothing much else goes on. They work very hard during the season though, long hours too.

A couple of days ago I was walking the dogs up the road towards Pinarbasi and I spotted this joint in the telephone cable:

so next time you’re griping because your all-singing-all-dancing fibre-optic broadband seems to be slow spare a thought for those of us who constantly have power cuts and access the internet through knotted string! I spotted another two poles with joints like it.

Thankfully I am now 99% recovered from the illness that has been giving me a lot of trouble recently. However I had the last antibiotic pill yesterday lunchtime washed down with some coca-cola. Stupidly I took it on an empty stomach and had an allergic reaction to it that was quite severe. It started with itching all over my face and shoulders, then my face and upper body went a bright red. A couple of hours later I started shivering and it got so bad I had to go to bed but kept shaking so much it was painful. It took about five hours to go after which I slept the night through. I can’t remember whether I fed the dogs or not but they didn’t seem particularly ravenous this morning. Thankfully I feel ok today apart from a headache which I’ve just taken some paracetamol for. Stanley the cat had to stay out all night but he’s used to doing that occasionally. He came home a couple of days ago limping badly with a wound on his left front paw. Looks like he was in a fight with something, he has two puncture wounds about 5mm apart so it could have been a little snake or a rat or cat biting with top and bottom teeth simultaneously. The cats do fight a lot in the spring, only natural I suppose but he has been neutered so you’d think he wouldn’t bother. He’s a lot better now, it has healed up well.

We are now at the height of the tortoise mating season and they are rampaging all over the garden. I’ve found 6 or 7 today alone, they have been relocated outside the fence. Here’s one of them from today:

Wilf thinks they are there just for his amusement and catches me unawares because he spots one and makes a dash for it before I can stop him, because he is on a lead it nearly rips my arm off. He will then carry it around until I take it off him, which is usually pretty quickly. If I can get him to drop it on command I will be really pleased but realistically I’ve got more chance of winning the lottery.

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