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There was a drilling rig at the development site across the road from my place a few days ago. They must have been drilling for water since they’re also building about 30 houses to sell. It makes sense for them to do that rather than have several water tanks or even one large water tank. 30 houses are going to need a lot of water and then there are the gardens to consider, in summer they will need three or four tonnes a day for that size of development for the gardens alone. When all the houses are sold and occupied even more will be needed. The existing pipeline couldn’t possibly cope with that even if the water got up the hill that far.

At least the rig wasn’t too noisy and they didn’t start drilling too early or carry on much after dark in the evening. There are a few houses a lot closer to it than mine so it might have been a bit noisy for them. It looked like they were packing it all up on Monday but they just shifted the rig a few yards and have started drilling again now so maybe the first hole was no good. The drilling rig has now gone so I’ll have to have a walk over and ask if they struck water.

I’ve not been very well for the last week, in bed most of the time with sinusitis, flu, headaches, bad throat and generally feeling awful. Suleyman rang me up to go round to their house for dinner last Monday and when I got there he had the living room as hot as a sauna and he and his daughter Hatice were coughing and sneezing all the time. I should have known better than to stay but I’ll know for next time. Actually I did force myself to go to Kas on Thursday because the car was due for its annual check. Happily I was able to let Seyfettin do that for me while I went to see Dr Munise. She prescribed antibiotics which I got from the pharmacy then I waited for the car, came straight back and went to bed.

It’s now Monday afternoon (10th March). The dogs are a bit happier, I was able to take them for a walk this morning. I’m still feeling rough but not as bad as I was. I’m still lying down and sleeping in between taking the dogs out though, can’t manage much else. I’ve been trying to write this for the past week and every time I start I get tired and go back to bed, so I’m going to post this now I’ve got this far. Sorry if it all seems a bit scrappy and disjointed but that’s about how I feel just now. I’ve included a picture of a flower that has opened just outside the kitchen door, just thought it looked nice.

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