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Today is cold, wet and miserable outside and when it is like that there is nothing better than to sit in a nice comfy chair by the fire. So that’s what I’m doing, sitting by the wood-burning stove. I watched the Superbike racing on TV from Philip Island in Australia. Some good racing, a nasty accident at the start of the second race and two wins for Troy Bayliss in front of his home crowd. Kenan Sofuoglu had a reasonable day too considering he’s only just moved up to Superbikes from Supersport. Later on I watched Robert Mitchum sorting out a rebellion against the government in Mexico. Old films are really great to watch and not full of swearing, bad acting and computer effects.
I went for a bike ride with Dave up into the mountains yesterday. Most of it was on dirt roads or forestry tracks which was a lot of fun.

We went through a village called Dirgenler and the area that was burnt by a forest fire last year. It was an enormous area turned into what looked like a wasteland. I felt sorry for all the animals that must have been caught in it. We had a minor hiccup caused by a puncture on Dave’s bike but overall we had a nice ride out and met some nice people. We plan to do it again before too long.

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