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Today I thought I would show you what my main project has been for the last three months. I wanted to make a proper entrance to the property from the road so work started on it just before Christmas. Ramazan was helping me for a few days each week but that seemed to tail off and I ended up doing it on my own. He had other work to do and probably got paid more than I would pay him too. This is what the entrance had looked like since we moved in. No that’s not my digger, but I wish I had one like it sometimes!

We had a gate made and fitted but apart from making a smooth surface on the drive we had just used it like that really. So just before Christmas I started. First the trench alongside the road surface was dug out to make a gully for the rainwater to go down and then some concrete was laid to form the walls.

I made a bridge across the gully with wooden slats and laid concrete reinforced with steel rods. It’s four inches thick and will take the weight of a loaded lorry in case I need some more sand.

It’s pretty much all rock by the road so digging that out was a bigger job than I thought. I had expected a bit more soil. The drive was widened at the same time by cutting into the bank and making a straight edge to the drive. A wall would be built along there to hold back the soil and rainwater. The walls were built first using concrete and rock then a layer of rock was put down on the drive surface and concrete laid on top of it. All the concrete was mixed by hand by the way, no ready-mix because it’s too sloppy to lay on a slope like this, and I couldn’t afford it anyway.
Here’s what it looks like now. Pretty good I reckon. When I have saved up some money I’ll buy some flat stone and cover the drive surface with it, the walls will be rendered and painted although I have to straighten up the top of the far wall first, it’s a bit wonky at the moment.

This end of it could do with a bit extra concrete laying to form a lead-in to the drive because it feels like you’ll drop down the hole if you’re not careful when you’re driving towards it. I’m pleased with it and considering I did most of it myself, quite proud too. Although I have needed a few weeks off to let my back and legs recover from it!

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