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Today I got up to take the dogs out at 5.30, it was pitch black because the moon had set sometime earlier and there was full cloud cover and I noticed that there was a bit of snow on the car roof. Went back in and back to bed for an hour and when I got up again it was light and there was snow everywhere! There’s only about an inch or so but it changed the look of the village for a little while until the sun came over the hill.

Anyway I wanted to get the little bit of concreting on the drive done this morning but the snow has put paid to that plan. I have another job in reserve though, the thread broke on the leg of a pair of trousers so I’ll sew that or I’ll be walking around with one leg longer than the other. There’s also a button to sew on another pair of trousers so that might as well be done too. The weather forecast is for sunshine until Saturday now I will be able to do the concrete later in the week.

The dogs and I went for a little walk up the Pinarbasi road yesterday and they enjoyed having a good sniff at new things. Wilf found a bit of carpet that he carried for about a mile but got fed up with it eventually. We found the remains of a donkey that had died and that gave them something to have a good look at. Surprisingly they weren’t all that interested in it but they were very interested in one of the goatherders’ dogs which was there too. With the two of them pulling it was hard to hold them and the leads were cutting into my hands. They are a lot stronger than you would expect for dogs of that size, Alf is the stronger, much more stockily built than Wilf.

I’ve been a bit disappointed in the firewood that we’ve had this winter. It is all pretty useless and burns very quickly. It puts out enough heat but the fire won’t stay in all night and when I check it in the morning it is cold. The house wasn’t too cold first thing but I was fed up with having to start the fire again so a couple of days ago I bought some coal in Agullu and tried banking up the stove with that. It worked a treat! In the morning there was a nice bed of hot coals and the house was nice and warm. It also makes the house smell of coal a bit which took me back to my childhood.

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