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Well there was I saying we could do with a bit more rain for the water reserves and my wish was granted. For the last few days we have been having biblical quantities of it, even some hail too. It will be very good for the crops this year. The almond blossom isn’t out yet but the buds are there, waiting for a warm spell probably. I heard that some of the trees in Spain have blossomed already, maybe it’s a bit warmer there.

I said that I was going to do a bit of gentle pickaxe work getting another section of the drive ready to concrete. Well I did a little bit but the rain stopped me from doing more so that’s on hold until we have a couple of dry sunny days and the soil gets a bit less glutinous. It sticks to the pick and shovel and you end up wielding a stick with 10 kilos of mud on the end of it.

Yesterday I bought some more trees and planted them. 6 fig trees and 4 almonds. I put them in what was the vegetable garden which has been well cultivated and manured so they will do well there. I planted all of them in under an hour! Only got Jenny to thank for preparing the soil so well, in any other part of the garden it would have taken a day and a half to dig 10 holes.

We have had the constant noise of the excavator preparing a piece of land near us for a new house to be built. Well I say preparing land but that implies there is some soil. Actually it is a rock outcrop overlooking the village.

It will be interesting to see building progress.

I took Wilf and Alf for a walk up to the top of the ridge at the back of the house yesterday morning. That was a nice walk first thing in the morning but I was too worried about the cold and ended up very hot. Got some nice photos though and the boys had a nice time smelling all the new things. There was a lot of evidence of wild boar around too, some of it only just outside our fence. I’ve heard them lots of times when the dogs have been barking. Here’s a view of the village from halfway up there.

This morning I had a drive up to the top of the mountain, close to the top right of this photograph, and got a couple of photographs of the mountains further north all covered in snow. I didn’t have my polariser with me though so they’re not as good as they could be. Suleyman and I are going to go up to Gombe into the mountains on Monday or Tuesday. All the rain we had here will have fallen as snow up there so should be able to get some nice photographs, watch this space.

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