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Hello boys and girls. Alf is limping on his left back leg today. Yesterday he wasn’t limping and the day before it was his right leg so I don’t know what is happening.

I’m starting to get withdrawal symptoms because I haven’t made any concrete for three weeks now as I’m supposed to be looking after the injury to my knee. Well I’m going to have to do something tomorrow I think, a little gentle pickaxe work on the drive is probably the best. I had a bonfire to get rid of trimmings and dead grass yesterday, also got rid of some rubbish that Wilf brought back from one of his forays into the world outside the garden.

Went over to Kasaba to see some friends the other day and took the dogs, they had a great time. David and Juliet will run some motorcycle off road holidays in the near future. Here’s David in front of their enormous stone house.

I went to the restaurant in Agullu for lunch today. Ömer has a variety of dishes on the menu but one of the things that he is very good at is pide, a bit like a pizza and you can have different toppings too. I like them a lot but don’t eat them all the time, only special occasions like the second Thursday in the month .

Not much else to say today really. Hope you’re all happy and well. All the best for now.

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