Yesterday was Friday and we went to Kas to do our shopping as usual, had quite a bit to get because Jenny has been away for three weeks and I’ve just been eating whatever I can find in the fridge. Typical man I suppose although I did do some shopping and made a couple of nice stews and a lasagne while she was away. When we got back home the dogs had a fight over which of them was going to greet us first and it developed into a proper fight with real biting. I tried to separate them as I usually do and ended up being bitten by mistake by Alf (I think). It was quite a bad bite and we immediately went back to Kas to see Munise the doctor. She is really nice and was very helpful, stitched my hand up and took me to the hospital afterwards to get registered on the Rabies feedback scheme. So if one of the dogs becomes ill with Rabies in the next 10 days I’ll have to have all sorts of nasty stuff done to me I suppose. We’re pretty sure that everything will be okay because both dogs have had all their injections against all the things young dogs are susceptible to including Rabies. It’s a real shame beccause I’ll bet that if they could understand that I had been bitten during their fight they would be as upset as I would be if I had accidentally injured one of them. Anyway, life goes on but I can’t use my right hand for any of the building work that Ramazan and I are in the middle of so he is going to have to carry on without me. I feel bad about it but then he is getting paid to do it and does like working on his own.

In the meantime it will give me an opportunity to go around the village and take a load of photographs with my new camera so watch this space, more piccies coming.

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