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Well it’s my birthday today 4th Oct (thank you to those who sent texts and emails) and we are having the first rain of the season. The last time it rained was back in April so to say the garden needs it is a bit of an understatement! Plenty of thunder and lightning as well, and of course the electricity has gone off, I’ve unplugged the phone line and all the sensitive appliances and the laptop is now on battery power. The unfortunate thing is that Ramazan who came to build a wall has been caught because he had mixed a barrow load of mortar just before the rain started so he has to use it before he can go home. Bit of a bugger eh? I’ve given him a jacket to wear and told him to bring it back next time he comes which will be Saturday rain permitting.

Ramazan and I went down to Kas to get some cement so there are six bags still in the back of the pick-up, covered up with polythene now though. We had lunch while we were down there and I got some dog food and some cash out of the bank too.

The wall Ramazan is building is down by Simon’s gate to make a better entrance way and so that we can make the fence higher down there. Wilf scrambled over it yesterday, it isn’t very well supported and seeing the ease with which he got over I’m surprised he didn’t do it before. He’s not much of a one for jumping over things though; Alf is the one for that.

About half past four just as the rain was starting to die down Yilmaz called me to tell me that they were going to have a meal and I should go down to Kas for six-o-clock and join in. I couldn’t really face lifting the cement out of the back of the car but it stopped raining shortly afterwards and then the electrikery came back on so I developed a bit of enthusiasm.

We had a nice meal of steak and chickpeas in a tomato and wine sauce, it sounds a bit strange but was very nice. Good company with Yilmaz, Tunç and Pinar.

Tunç has been running the Hi Jazz bar this year and Pinar has got a job in a bar in Kas now so she is staying here all the time. Shortly she will start a new job in one of the estate agents offices.

Anyway, after the meal Pinar had to go to work and Tunch had to open the bar so Yilmaz and I went there too. We met a young couple from London and had a chat then I left at about 8.30 and came back home. I felt very tired and was glad to get to bed after talking to Jenny on Skype.

Now it’s Saturday and I just wanted to put up this picture of the Mimosa down by Simon’s gate. It has started flowering and looks beautiful.



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