The water tank was eventually emptied on Monday so I went down and cleaned it out. It’s like being in a dungeon down there, very dark but surprisingly after an hour or so you can see quite clearly. I ache a lot after having done it but I’m pleased that it’s clean now. Turned the water back on and now have about 13 tonnes already, good pressure at the moment.

Wilf continued in his naughty ways and chewed my mobile phone to bits yesterday. I eventually found all the bits and tried to put it together again. It switched it on but won’t pick up a signal. I want to get the new numbers stored in the memory that weren’t on my old phone then it can go in the bin. Wilf will get over the need to chew things in time, I just wish he would hurry up.

We went down to Jenny’s house and did a bit more yesterday. If we were able to spend all day there it would get done a lot quicker but we can’t leave the dogs that long.

Jenny has nearly finished a sweater that she is knitting for me to keep me warm in the winter. Only got to stich the parts together now I think, I’ll post a pic of me wearing it then.

Alf seems to be limping a bit on one of his back legs but he doesn’t like me having a look. I haven’t been able to find anything sticking in his foot, he might just have knocked it during one of his rough-and-tumbles with Wilf.

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