The Good Ship Gekko

It seems ages since I posted the last update so apologies for that. I promise to do better.

We went down to Kas last night and had a meal with Rob and Samantha who are having a weeks holiday in Kas at the moment and are enjoying themselves. Then we all went round to the Hi Jazz bar and had a drink and chat with Yilmaz. He has bought himself a sailing boat! It will be a lot of fun for him and as soon as he has made some little repairs we will go for a sail. It has an outboard motor too. Here’s a picture of Kaptan Yilmaz aboard the good ship Gekko

Jenny and I went to a wedding feast last Saturday. Hasan from Ortakoy (middle of the village) was getting married to Arife from Demre (about 40km away by the seaside). I took some picture with my film camera so when they are developed I’ll post a couple of them here.

The water depot is nearly empty now (see previous post for full story) so I’ll be able to clean it out soon. Talking of water the long awaited New Water Pipe bringing water from Gömbe is being put in. The guys doing the work come past in their truck every morning with another 10 or so pipes to put in. The pipe will come down our road (on the other side) so it will be noisy for a bit while the diggers dig the trench but at least we won’t have our gates and entrances dug up. They are only about half a mile away at the moment.

Lale and her daughter Dahlya came last weekend and Jenny helped them to cut out and make some Shalvar for each of them. Shalvar are the baggy trousers worn by the village women, they are very comfortable and if cut correctly can be quite attractive. The village women cut them so that they can get two pairs of long johns underneath though so they aren’t so flattering!

I’ve been doing a bit more wall building this week and am getting close to finishing the bit by the drive. I’ll add a photo here a bit later too.

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