World Superbikes, Brands Hatch.

What a result for Toseland on Sunday! Two good races and plenty of action and Kenan Sofuoglu (pronounced SOFU OLU) wins the world championship for Supersports bikes too. Fantastic, no wonder F1 is losing viewers.

The weather changed overnight and we woke up yesterday morning and put a blanket on the bed. Cold, well down a good 10ºC from the day before. It was associated with a low pressure area over Greece and the Balkans which has now moved away northwards so slowly getting warmer again now. Still it was cool enough for me to prepare for some more wall building tomorrow morning before breakfast.

About a fortnight ago I heard a little noise from the water depot lid and had a look under it. A little rat ran off but there was another one floating in the water, dead. Fished it out and threw it away so we are now on bottle water for our consumption and the garden is getting the best watering of it’s life. 45 tonne depot though (45000 Litres) so we’re not going to use all that overnight. It’s taken a couple of weeks to get it half empty.

I bought a digital camera the other day, a Canon EOS350D from a guy in Scotland. Quite a good camera that I will be able to use the lenses from my EOS50E with and vice versa. I was quite happy with my 4mp Fuji until I found out how much better the DSLRs are now. The storage capacity of the cards is amazing too, I can only get 3 Hi Resolution pictures on the Fuji card but should get a couple of hundred at least on the 350. The only trouble is I can’t have it sent here so I’ll have to wait until Jenny brings it back with her in October. It will exercise my patience gene though.

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