Online again, Yippeee!

Good old Ibrahim at the computer shop in Kas, got me a new charger which puts out not only the correct voltage but the correct current too. The last one I had was down on power and couldn’t really cope properly it used to get very hot. I’ve read the instructions with this new one and it says not to use it in temperatures above 25 degrees centigrade! Well considering the weather hasn’t dropped below 30 for the past 6 weeks that could be the reason for the other one to give up the ghost. I’ll have to try and fix up a method of cooling the new one, plastic bag and bucket of iced water?? 

Talking about the weather it is a lot cooler today, only 34 at lunchtime and quite a bit of low cloud has come up from Kas. Probably sea fog that rolls in and rushes up the hill to spill into our valley.

Alf the dog has been licking a toe on his right back foot for a few days now. Haven’t been able to see anything until lunchtime today when I thought it looked like he had a mozzy bite or two.

Well I shaved the hair off and he has a number of little lumps that look like bites or stings so we sprayed it with green antiseptic and we’ll see what happens now.

Jenny continued with repairing the chair today and it is now ready for some paint. It seems very sturdy now so when the pair have been done they should fit in well with the restored bench down at her cottage.

We’ve had power cuts nearly everyday for a couple of weeks. The daytime ones aren’t much of a problem but they are annoying in the evening because the electricity has gone off at about 8.30 and not come back on till 10.30. There have been problems all over the area, mainly due to everyone turning their air conditioning units on. The system just can’t cope with the demand. A lot of the time the voltage is down and it was so low the other day I couldn’t get any money from the cash machine outside my bank. Lots of people were in the same boat and there was a big unhappy crowd there. Being a Monday of course a lot of people had come down from the villages too so there was a lot of moaning. I checked the voltage when I got home, it was down to 160v.

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