Party time.

Suleyman rang and invited us to dinner last night and when we got there it turned out to be a good night with quite a lot of people. Nebi, Turkan and Gunenc were there along with others on holiday from Istanbul. Semi and his wife and others who we hadn’t met before so it was very

 enjoyable. The meal was gozleme of course and really tasty tomatoes and olives with a spicy pepper sauce that had a really nice kick to it but not too much. Suleyman’s wife, Hatice, did a good job cooking it all

 but didn’t have a chance to join in the general chat which was a shame. That’s her in the middle cooking the gozleme, it is a kind of flat dough with nettle leaves, onion, cheese and parsley filling. Very nice too.

Gunenc made us all laugh, he was having fun with a pair of binoculars and seemed to like looking through the wrong end of them.

He’s a lovely little boy with lots of character.

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