Veranda and Roy

First the good news, I got the veranda roof finished today and very pleased I am with it too. No more getting burnt in the sun while looking at the view and having a beer. I haven’t tidied up yet so there is a bit of clutter but this is what it looks like now.


Not bad eh? I’ll have the guttering up for when the rain starts but that won’t be for another four or five months yet. I’ll have some more tanks to store the water in by then and I’ll just run some flexi hose from the gutter to the tanks. No need for it to be there outside the rainy period.

Now the bad news. Roy has been gone for nearly a week now and we are very worried about him. He has never been away for so long before and we’re sure that if he could come back he would have by now. The weather is hot and dry and he won’t be able to go long without water if he is trapped somewhere. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for him.

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