Been working on the new veranda roof this week. Here’s how it looks at the moment.

Veranda roof 2

It’s a lot sturdier that the previous version but then that only had to hold flimsy bamboo canes and they were taken down in winter. This one will have a two layer covering, tongue and groove with OSB on top of that then waterproofing sheet and shingles the same as the rest of the roof. It is about half a metre higher at the front edge than the old one so will not make the living room so dark in winter.
I also had a bit of a bargain in the market last Friday and got two big kilims (4 metres x 2 metres) for a very good price.


The bargain came in when the guy selling them gave me two used ones (but in good condition) for nothing! To say I was pleased is an understatement. They will go nicely on the new improved veranda.

F1 and WSB today, picking Simon and Emma up from Dalaman tomorrow.

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